Sidecar Manufacturers and Importers

If you are shopping for a new sidecar or are considering the purchase of a used one then you owe yourself a visit to each one of the sites listed below. Every one of the manufacturers listed below offers a unique perspective on sidecars. Some only offer an on line catalog of their products while others go through the trouble of handing out quite a bit of information.

ARMEC Sidecars
ARAMEC Sidecars has an excellent on line article about choosing and buying a sidecar that should be read by anyone considering a sidecar.

California Sidecar
California Sidecar produces sidecars, trailers and trike conversions. Their web site has an extensive list of authorized California Sidecar dealers.

Champion Sidecars
Champion Sidecars sells sidecars, reverse kits for Harley-davidson motorcycles and an "EZ-Steer" system which is a new set of triple clamps that will modify the steering angle of your Goldwing motorcycle - making it much easier to steer with a sidecar attached.

Dauntless Motors
Dauntless Motors imports, exports, wholesales & retailes sidecars. They also model/make motorcycle specific mounting hardware, sidecar tires, front end modifications (triple tree bolt on & leading links) & can provide special needs modifications.

Hannigan Sidecar Company
Hannigan manufacturers trailers, sidecars, trike conversions and tri-cars (a cross between a sidecar and a trike).

Yep, Harley-Davidson really does produce their own sidecars - I own one but you won't find any mention of their sidecars on their web site (I looked). You'll have to visit your local dealer instead. Every after market sidecar manufacturer in the world is quick to point out that their mounting system is better than Harley's. Wonder why?

Liberty Sidecars
Liberty Sidecars produces a line of sidecars specifically for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. They also sell replica sidecars for Harley-Davidson motorcycles ranging all the way back to 1936.

Motorvation Engineering
Motorvation Engineering has an excellent "Shopping for a sidecar" section. It appears from their web site that they have a mounting solution for just about anything you would want to fasten one of their sidecars to - except maybe a 1974 Honda 350 (just a little humor here).

Side Strider
Side Strider is a reseller of Watsonian, Squire, Ural and Velorex sidecars. Many of these products are sized for smaller motorcycles.

Tomco Conversions
Tomco Conversions produced sidecar conversions for the handicapped. They specialize in rigs driven from the hack itself - an interesting concept when you think about it.

Ural America
Ural America has an excellent "how to ride" section that should be read by any new sidecar owner. The instructions are written so well that they would fit any rigid sidehack. They also have an on line parts ordering system, an on line owners manual and a detailed history of their product. I believe based on content that this is the best sidecar site on the web.

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