Phil Sikora's 1968 BMW /2 "conversion" with a 1500cc VW Beetle engine and a 1970 Hollandia sidecar

Phil's E-mail:

Phil stuffed a VW Beetle engine into a BMW /2 (plunger) frame. I bet that more than just a few of us would like to know how he did it! For those of you who are too young to remember, the VW engine was an opposed 4 cylinder & was air cooled just like the BMW R bike engine was. But it had a very small carb, a belt driven generator which also drove the cooling fan (off the other side of the generator), a small oil sump, a external oil cooler and no "real" oil filter. Looks like it belongs in there, doesn't it?

Phil is interested in hearing from others who have built projects similar to his.


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