Norm Potruff's F650/Sputnik and FJ1200 Yamaha/Hannigan

Norm's E-mail:

The first pic is Norm Potruff's F650/Sputnik. Norm built his own subframe and did all the work himself. He took a trip from Regina to BC and back with wife and 2 kids in/on this rig. He has since built a 14" car wheel for the rear. He is, as you might guess, quite talented.

The second pic is his other joy, his FJ1200 Yamaha/Hannigan. He raked the lower triple clamp and built a mounting system and subframe for this rig. It runs 125/85 X 16 radial car tires on the bike as well as a radial 145 X 12 on the car. Unlike the BMW rig, the Yamaha is built close to the ground for spirited pavement running only and He's really happy with how it gets the job done. The FJ1200 engine is powerful and torquey and with the aftermarket fork springs and rear shock as well as his own suspension creation on the sidecar wheel it handles quick and steady.



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