Hal Thompson's '97 BMW F650ST/Sputnik

Hal's E-mail: halcyon14@mcsi.net

Hal has a nice looking rig and it looks like it's and a fun and practical rig to drive. At the time of this posting, he had only taken one trip with it - from Glide OR to Jackson CA to the Thumper National last September, and plans to ride it to Cherokee NC for the Thumper National this year.

The second pic is his '97 Ural Sportsman taken 2/11 as Dennis McAllister & he headed for the local M/C breakfast and a planned (short) sidecar clinic to show some of the Over-The-Hill-Gang that there is life after two wheels. Hal lives at the 1000 ft level of the western Cascade foothills, and he seldom get snow - wouldn't you know it came on what has traditionally been "indian summer" weekend?

Notice the tire tracks in front of the rig? It must be nice to have a rig with engine powered reverse!



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